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"I have not stopped thinking about kissing you. Your mouth has consumed my thoughts, and the idea I may meet it once again is enough to kill me. The ever so taunting memory of your lips pressed to mine continues to play in my head. I have lost all cravings except to feel the soft curve of your lips against mine once again. I only dream of you and it seems I am going mad. I want you back. I am going mad"

I’m craving you. I’m craving your touch. I want to cuddle, let you make love to me, fall asleep while cuddling again then wake up and make love again. I wanna watch Scary Movie 3 while we cuddle. I want you to come up behind my while I’m making dinner or cleaning dishes and kiss my neck and whisper in my ear that you love me. All I want is for you to love me. Love me like you’ve never been hurt. I wanna be able to go out with our friends and have all the guys tell you how lucky you are to have me. I want you to come home from work and find me waiting for you in a bubble bath in the dark so you can join me. I want to make you happy. I want to be able to brag about how nice our house is and how well mannered our kids are. I want our kids to be able to tell their friends that they want to find love like ours.
my feelings
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